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Develop a closer relationship with God.

Hi! My name is Janine Mick Wills, and you’ve reached Janine’s Cozy Corner. I’m a Christian woman on a journey! A journey to develop a closer relationship with God by growing in grace and becoming a better me. Along my way, I want to help other Christian women grow in grace too. Won’t you come along?

You can develop a closer relationship with God through various links on this site (Your comments are encouraged and appreciated).

  • My Blog (A source of information, encouragement, and exhortation)
  • Memorize God’s Word (A new verse added every other week)
  • All about Christ (Christology – the study of Christ)
  • Just for Wives (All about wives)
  • Just for Mothers (All about mothers)
  • Raising Kids and Teens (A humorous eBook about rearing children)
  • Your Emotions (Understanding and controlling your emotions)
  • Names of God (Explains many of God’s names)
  • Goal Setting for the Glory of God (Learn how to set and accomplish godly goals)
  • Noteworthy Thoughts (Motivational quotes from around the world)
  • My twice-weekly emails – “Encouraging Words” (Sign up for short emails that will encourage you in the Lord)

You can also follow me on Facebook at Janine’s Cozy Corner. Stop by, find out what’s new, and leave a comment or two!

If you have a particular spiritual question or need a spiritual answer to an every-day problem, please contact me. I will try to answer you personally or address your question in a future blog.



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